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Every month, two new deals of exceptional value!

Lather up with Lena Dee’s Chocolate Mint Bath Bar. This bath bar has the right aroma, the best skin conditioning ingredients and Lena’s Love.  

Whispers Body Butter has a wonderful feel when it is gently massaged into the skin and it relieves dry, cracked skin and promotes healthier skin.

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Lena Cash is a FREE automated rewards program for registered users who makes a qualifying purchase online with us. It is that simple. Yet, read the Lena Cash Policy for a complete understanding.

These Bargain Bundles render over ten thousand combinations of wonderful skin care products. Grab a combination of individual products sold as one individual package for a reasonable discounted price.

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All shipments will incur a reasonable shipping cost determined by the calculated weight of the package and a handling fee of 95 cents. Customers will receive a better shipping rate once the order exceeds two (2) pounds in such a way that the rate will decrease each additional pound until it hits rock bottom.


Kelli S.


Featured Testimonial

“I’ve tried so many lotions and soaps that could not keep my skin hydrated all day and the day I tried your Body Butter it kept my skin hydrated all day long! I won’t use anything else. I also have Celiac disease and I can’t use anything with gluten on my skin or it will break out. Your products keep my skin free of any skin issues! I love the scents and the large sized soaps. They last much longer than other soaps I’ve tried! Thank you for your great products.:)”