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We at Lena Dee’s, are keenly aware of what a customer wants and expects from a skin care business. Therefore, Lena Dee’s will continue using safe and healthy ingredients in each skin care product. Lena Dee’s specialize in natural skin care products that are handmade. All of our skin care products are combined with the wisdom of old-fashioned remedies and wonders of modern day science. We structure our better than competitive-pricing to encourage bulk purchasing through a large selection of bargain bundles, rewarding both new and curious and our loyal customers based-offering discounts and freebies. As time permits, more varieties and accessories will be added to our product-line. We solicit feedback from you that guides us in becoming an even better customer-driven company.

This Is what our customers are saying

I love this company!! They have the best natural skin care products, I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Courtney B.

I have been using organic soaps by Lena Dee’s for the past two years. I love that they keep my skin soft and moisturized without being greasy or oily. I have been using their facial bar for sensitive skin and I can tell a great difference it makes when I used Lena Dee’s soaps versus commercial soaps and other natural soap companies. These products have done an amazing job of improving the health and condition of my face, skin and feet. Thank you Lena Dees.

Raven M.

“I’ve tried so many lotions and soaps that could not keep my skin hydrated all day and the day I tried your Body Butter it kept my skin hydrated all day long! I won’t use anything else. I also have Celiac disease and I can’t use anything with gluten on my skin or it will break out. Your products keep my skin free of any skin issues! I love the scents and the large sized soaps. They last much longer than other soaps I’ve tried! Thank you for your great products.:)”

Kelli S.

I’ve been using this soap for years and it is one of the few brands of soap that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and itchy. I love that the products are all handmade and chemical free.

Caneita C.

I have used a wide range of these products, particularly the soaps, body butters and lip balm. There is truly no other natural products to compare them to. I’ve come to rely on them for daily use and keeping me stocked up!

Mike H.
South Carolina

“I’m in love with all of the soaps, but my favorite is the Mango Bar. I’ve used many different homemade soaps company’s before but Lena Dees’ soaps out performs them all. Great quality soaps that last a long time. I love that each bar is infused with the perfect amount of fragrance. Not too strong, but not to weak. I leave my shower feeling refreshed and energized to start each morning. It’s the perfect soap in my opinion, with the perfect blend of all natural ingredients.”

Maria L.
North Carolina

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