Equal Opportunity For All Americans

A Charitable Nonprofit Organization

The owner of Lena Dee’s is a member of the governing body of Equal Opportunity For All Americans (EOFAA). EOFAA is a charitable nonprofit organization whose focus is on ensuring fellow citizens of the United States of America are aware of strategic measures, government programs, economic and¬†social systems that can provide them a quality livelihood. Therefore, we at Lena Dee’s is extremely excited about giving recognition of an entity with such a precious and powerful purpose.

Lena Dee’s will make charitable donations to EOFAA from a percent of the company’s sales and services.

Lena Dee’s does not collect money from anyone to pass along to Equal Opportunity For All Americans. If you would like to support this nonprofit organization by making a tax-exempt donation or find out more about the organization, please visit their website by clicking on one of the buttons below.