Foot Soak, 3pk


  • Hydrate Skin
  • Relieves Pains
  • Soothes Muscles
  • Reduces Swelling
  • Prevent Bacteria From Settling
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Lena Dee’s Foot Soak is 100% natural and handmade. Our Foot Soak relieves aches and pains due to standing for hours or walking in uncomfortable shoes. Soaking your feet can help reduce swelling and prevent bacteria from settling into blisters and cuts or under toe nails. Each jar is good for one usage.


Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Peppermint Tea Leaves and Peppermint Essential Oil.

Our Ingredients are organic and eco-friendly, free from harsh detergents, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, greasy mineral oils, and animal fats.

How to use

Place a clean dry towel near your foot-sized tub. Fill the foot-sized 1/2 of the way with hot water, but not scalding. Add one jar of the foot soak into the water. Slowly emerge your feet into the foot-sized tub. Allow your feet to soak until the water cools down (at least 20 minutes). Remove your feet from the tub and set them on a clean towel. Gently pat them dry.

IMPORTANT: This product is for external use only.


The foot soak should be stored in a cool dark place.

The shelf life is 12 months.


The foot soak is packaged in a PET plastic jar.

The foot soak weighs 4 ounces.


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