VIP Membership Policy

Last Update: December 26, 2020


The VIP Memberships are purchased annually.

Each membership allows customers exclusive deals on products and/or services.

There are three (3) VIP Memberships to choose from; VIP Modest, VIP Upscale and VIP Premier.

Our VIP Complimentary Membership is not listed as a purchase item. It is manually added to a user at the discretion of Lena Dee’s.


Include a member discount, special offers, discount increases, rewards points, an anniversary gift and NCAA Football points.

Member Discounts; VIP Modest – 10%, VIP Upscale – 15% and VIP Premier – 20%

Special Offers will be emailed to all active VIP members who have opt-in to our mailing list and selected the ‘VIP Members Benefits’ options.

Occasional discount increases in the amount of 3-5% for VIP Upscale members and 5-10% for VIP Premier members will be emailed to all active VIP members who have opt-in to our mailing list and selected the ‘VIP Members Benefits’ options.

Reward points can be earned for purchasing a VIP Premier Membership (All memberships earn rewards points on product purchases).

NCAA points are based on the college football championship playoffs. Lena Dee’s will choose a team to win it all once the NCAA has determined the eligible teams. If Lena Dee’s makes the wrong pick in the NCAA Football Championship Game, VIP Upscale members will receive 100 points towards Lena Cash and VIP Premier members will receive 150 points towards Lena Cash. If Lena Dee’s makes the correct pick in the NCAA Football Championship Game, VIP Upscale members will only receive 25 points towards Lena Cash and VIP Premier members will only receive 40 points towards Lena Cash. Lena Dee’s will declare her pick to VIP members by way of email once the the top four teams are declared for the playoffs.

Anniversary Gifts are given to VIP Premier Members every time the customer renews the membership without interruption.

NOTE: The VIP Complimentary Membership has a length of twelve (12) months and shares the same features as the VIP Modest Membership.


VIP Members cannot use their discount towards the purchase of an eGift Card, any Pay Ahead Plans or VIP Memberships.


Users will NOT be charged a sign-up fee for enrollment into a VIP Membership.


The VIP Memberships annual fee are as follows:

  • the VIP Modest costs $15 per year.
  • the VIP Upscale costs $20 per year.
  • the VIP Premier costs $30 per year.

Lena Dee’s reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of these plans at any time without prior notice. If at anytime a price increase occurs, existing members will not be effected until their membership is renewed. 


  1. Login or register for an account.
  2. Click on ‘VIP Club’ on the header menu on any page. Mobile user, click the hamburger icon or the account icon and look for VIP memberships. Once you have found it click on it.
  3. A new page will open.
  4. Select one of the VIP Memberships by clicking on the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button on the desired membership.
  5. After the new page opens, click the ‘Add To Cart’ button on the page. The plan will then be added to the cart.
  6. Review the ‘Cart Page’ to ensure the correct membership was selected.
  7. Proceed to checkout.
  8. Fill in all the billing information, then click ‘NEXT’ at the bottom. This purchase doesn’t require a shipment, therefore click ‘NEXT’ again.
  9. The Checkout Payment Information will appear. Review the information for accuracy.
  10. Enter a valid credit card information.
  11. Review the checkbox information and then, click on each checkbox, if you are in agreement.
  12. Click the ‘Purchase Plan’ button.
  13. If the purchase is successfully completed, a new page will open showing the order details.
  14. A receipt will be emailed to the user with the VIP Membership order details.


Once a membership plan has been purchased, the user should opt-in at least to the vip membership specials email option to receive all the information concerning the vip club. If you need to do so, click on the red button that says ‘KEEP ME POSTED’ at the bottom of the page to get signed up for emails.


A VIP Membership can be cancelled at any time.

The customer can cancel the membership manually through the account overview page or the customer can request for Lena Dee’s to cancel the membership by emailing Lena Dee’s through the Contact Page at least 3 business days prior to the date of cancellation. The emailed should contain the user contact information, date of cancellation and read ‘CANCEL MY VIP MEMBERSHIP.


A customer cannot receive a prorated refund for the fraction of unused time remaining on their VIP Membership, if the membership is cancelled before the yearly term is completed.


Lena Dee’s VIP Membership Policy is in conjunction with the Lena Cash Policy, Returns Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer and  Privacy Policy. 

If you have any questions please submit them through the Contact Page.